Big Benny’s Board Rentals

Over the last couple of months I've been helping my good friend Ben with all of his visuals for is new Ski and Snowboard Rental shop in Wrightwood. Because of time and to keep things cost effective, I put together his site with the Good Minimal theme. This is the first time in a while that I've actually just customized a theme rather than build my own. I think it looks great and works for what he needs. I also did his business cards, t-shirts, signs, banners, twitter and facebook pages. This project was a lot of fun and Ben gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted. His only change was the colors, which also turned out great.

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Wirz Wholesale Shooting Supply

This was one of the most fun wordpress sites I've built, these guys were great to work with and they knew exactly what they wanted. I went for a slightly modern western feel, using dark colors hoping to appeal to their predominantly male clientele. I used skeleton, by far my favorite css framework, to build the responsive template. check out for yourself!

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TSSK CD release poster

This another poster I did for my friends "The Sleeping Sea King" to help promote an upcoming CD release show. I really like how this one contrasts between dark and colorful, I tried to be metal even though it isn't really my style.

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I like this site because 1. I got to build a wordpress template from scratch and 2. I got try out responsive design. This site will automatically adjust itself to fit your screen width, making only one site needed for all devices. This one was really fun to build and I look forward to doing more like this, including my own site.

Click photo at the left to view the different versions of the site, or checkout for yourself.

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Flyer Machine

This was inspired by a "Save the Date" for a friends wedding, I really like the simple style and variety in the text.

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Another Flyer

This one was done to match the style of the venue the event was being held in.

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US Open of SKATE

Another tasty flyer

Grungy rave flyer style. Not much to say about this one, except for that I enjoyed making it.

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